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Jun 9

How does it feel to basically be the guy who invented "fuxtaposition"? Or at the very least, made it famous? Not many people can say the smut they invented also created an entire subgenre!


I’m not sure whether I invented it or not, but I was certainly one of the first ones to be making this style of fake. When I started making them, I was just looking for other ways to make fakes than just your standard “Crop X person’s head onto Y’s body.”

I have since seen some of my fuxtapositions (A name I didn’t come up with, but still appropriate) posted elsewhere on the internet, but nowhere near the amount that implies it is “famous”. If that is the case, I’m glad to have been able to carve myself a small place in the porn world.

To everyone who has expressed to me how much they like my work, I’d like to say Thank You, and I will try to continue to grow as an artist and put out the highest quality work possible.

Jun 6

Any updates on that Emma Watson gif you teased us about a while back?


I am still working on that. It’s about 40 frames, which means I have to essentially make 40 fakes, as well as making sure all of the cropping is done to make sense as an animation. If it’s not cropped correctly, the edges change as it moves, and that’s no bueno.

Here’s another rough bit of it, just to prove I’m still working on it lol.


Ever get into chat or RP?


I do, actually. I like watching videos on watch2gether and chatting, and sometimes I’ve been known to get into a celeb RP.

A quick preview of the next animated fake I’m working on.

A quick preview of the next animated fake I’m working on.

Once Again…

I DO NOT make fakes of celebrities that are under the age of 18, so please stop asking for them.

Gonna be doing this in a little bit

Gonna be doing this in a little bit

Do you do personal fakes?

I don’t do fakes of non-celebrities, if that’s what you’re asking.

Hey man, huge fan of yours, but just got a tumblr account, was wondering if you've got kik or something?

No, but you can reach me either via email (spunkysanchez@gmail.com) or YIM. (spunky.sanchez)