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Dont like when Naked-Celeb-Fakes snags our work instead of reblogging it.

I don’t mind people reposting my work elsewhere, or even saving them and re-uploading them here, so long as my watermarks are intact. As far as I am concerned, it’s more exposure, and isn’t really a bad thing. I have seen some of my fakes floating around the internet with them either covered or removed, however, and that pisses me off, because it’s essentially someone else taking credit for them.

Spunky where have you been????

I have been extraordinarily busy as of late. Between my job being somewhat more demanding right now (It’s a shame I can’t pay my bills with making fakes lol) and the fact that my non-porn art is starting to get a lot more exposure, it doesn’t afford me much time for faking. I’m hoping to get some free time once the project I’m working on in the “real world” is finished.

Fear not, I’m not gone completely, just on a short hiatus.

CelebKafe likes your stuff 😉

Thank you! Your content is pretty good as well!

Apr 9
Apr 8

I love watch2gether